Saturday, 27 December 2014

Men Watching

Men in India come in all shapes and sizes and that's just the head gear.  This is a selection of a few favourites we've observed so far

If you can't get a head get a hat....

Oooh I wonder if I can swap my bike for a hot momo?

I wonder where the end of my pen went?

Ah haaaa - Watching you watching me - these guards have seriously sharp weapons!

These two super chaps visit the Golden Temple every day where they peel veg and chop onions and chat to their buddies

This was a moving sight after a dip in the water at Amaritsa this father proudly replaces his son's turban

These big boys are I think the sikh Khalsa, they can have up to 30 meters of turban and they all wear them differently.  They're typically armed and ready and I wouldn't like to tangle with them.

Beats Movember beard growing is a bit of an art around here

Selling on the market is more about getting comfortable and having a chat

This bad boy is a protector ( I personally think someone is trying to stop the head wobble!)

Well you have to chat to a man in uniform

This is a barrister and I wouldn't want him leading for the prosecution?

Holy man or George Best reincarnate?

Possibly having a bad turban day - it just wouldn't go on right.  Couldn't decide if it was a yellow or red day and to top it all I lost my beard comb

Yep this holy man talks to cobras which he keeps in small bowls.  Like his cobras he has no teeth -  read the next blog to find out how we managed to offend this chap!

Billy Connolly rehearsing his next BBC travel series? This holy man took his own blanket to the yoga class - you can't trust anyone now a days

My favourite 3 holy men

And there's just something about a man in uniform

I've just booked my holiday yeepee - bugger, it's with Air India!

Keep checking the blog - we plan to have our Varanasi trip covered in the next couple of days.  Bye for now

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  1. So many people.Waiting now to hear about the man with the Cobra !!
    Have fun love mum.